New user interface first look

Here’s a first look at the new user interface featuring the Select Campaign screen.

The new interface is more graphically rich, and is designed to be more friendly for touchscreens. My best guess is the new user interface will be completed around January.

This is part of the port to a new tool chain, which was necessitated by the new macOS, which is incompatible with the old tool chain.

Feedback welcome!

8 thoughts on “New user interface first look”

  1. Would it be possible to add Election Calls back to the game where it displays when a Candidate has won a state?

  2. I like the smooth, no-nonsense design of the buttons. Also looks like it scales up better to higher resolutions, is. that correct?

    Although I must say it looks a bit cluttered, and it’s not entirely clear which buttons are connected to eachother. Maybe put a square around the buttons that are in a group (for example all ‘options’ buttons).

    Alternative suggestion for the candidates: wouldn’t it be easier to have a pop-up window in which you can scroll through the candidates? Or at least see more candidates at thesame time? That would make it easier to select or deselect a candidate further down the list, and also it would make the campaign screen less cluttered. Maybe just show the party logo, and then have a ‘select candidates’ button below the party logo.

  3. From the perspective of a person who games on mobile regularly, this UI who be a great fit for a mobile version. Though personally i think for Computer i doesnt look right, its kinda odd. But of course its what i think.

  4. @Lucas,

    Yes, it is designed for higher-resolution displays. A lot of the campaign-specific graphics are for lower-resolution displays, so those would be upgraded on a campaign-by-campaign basis. The campaign-specific images here (‘2020’, party image, candidate images) are from the old system.

    Ya, there’s a lot going on on the screen, but I am hewing fairly closely to the existing design for now.

    Making it visually more clear which buttons are grouped together is a good idea.

  5. @anthony_270admin

    I find the font a bit off. The buttons becoming rectangular doesn’t seem right for a computer

  6. @Isaiah,

    Thanks for this info. If you’re referring to the grey components which are fully rectangular, those are drop-down boxes.

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