12 thoughts on “Another screenshot from the port – Strategy Screen”

  1. Yes. The spam clicking required to select multiple regions, especially in situations like the UK with tons of close seats, is unnecessarily tedious.

  2. @SirLagsalott,

    Ya, I’ll make this easier once the port is completed. Perhaps bringing back a ‘Watchlist’ option and then an ‘Add all on Watchlist’. Perhaps some other options such as ‘Select all on screen’.

  3. I have some ideas, with the senate trial taking place, you should limit or stop the sitting senators that are running for the dem nomination being able to campaign. Obviously we don’t know how long the trial will last or if they will do the same number of campaign events/rallies with the trial taking place. It’s just something you should think about doing after the trial. Also surrogates, you should include an option to make them automatic and to also pick a state or states to target, like for example if I want my surrogates to focus on Iowa or other early states.

  4. Also, some people and groups have coendorsements, such as the New York Times or Labor Unions
    Is there any way to model that?

  5. And I noticed that there’s some weird thing going on with lower tier candidates surging out of nowhere, it’s not realistic at all.

  6. Hey Anthony, I emailed you about paying with the wrong email for my game. Please can you reply and fix it? A waste of $8 is still a waste.

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