Port to new tool-chain update

The port to a new tool-chain, which will allow for Catalina and more compatibility, is now on the last core game screen. After that, a few simple screens and election night screen, and an initial release will be ready.

It’s difficult to put a precise date on when it will be ready, but it is close.

15 thoughts on “Port to new tool-chain update”

  1. Hello

    So once this tool chain update is released would I be able to immediately download and play PM Infinity on my up to date macbook with the current OS?

    In addition would this update apply to all the games in the bundle of all the games?

  2. @Jeff,

    Yes, once the Mac version is released. We’ll have playable beta’s for awhile.

    Yes, the port will be rolled out to all games. President Infinity first, then probably Congress Infinity, then Prime Minister Infinity.

  3. One more question if I buy PM infinity now on a Mac with a compatible system will I get an update with the new block chain after which I could update the Mac and till play?

  4. @Jeff,

    Yes, if you purchase now you will get the update that is Catalina compatible.

    Note: the new tool chain doesn’t have anything to do with block chain technology. Sorry if the term was confusing.

  5. When can we expect updates to Congress Infinity? The President Infinity updates have been tremendous, where just space barring through a game doesn’t create high numbers of undecideds, etc.

  6. @Cazador,

    CI is the top priority right now after PI. So, once the port is out and fine-tuned for PI, there will probably be an update for CI. Best guess a few months.

  7. With the new UI update and port will there be a better poll screen that includes numbers on the side and a more readable chart?

  8. Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by porting over. I thought that meant taking code and moving it over to a new platform. Is Catalina some mobile operating system?

  9. @David,

    Yes, all the code is being rewritten in a new language and the technological framework is being replaced. Catalina is the new Mac operating system.

  10. Hi Anthony,

    No problem, are you planning a 64-bit version any time soon? I’m in the UK myself so very much miss playing PMI – it’s great!

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