Friday update on new version

Here’s the latest screen to be completed in the port.

There’s a blank square in the combo box, and that will be filled with a small picture of the leader or vice-leader.

As you can see, the screen’s navigation has been changed. Instead of a bunch of tabbed items, there are buttons, and Info, Platform, Relations, and so on, are separate screens.

After some delays over the last month and a half, progress has picked up again, and there are just Platform and Relations Screens to go in the core game.

My best guess is an initial, rough beta in about 2 weeks. It will lack polish, might initially only be general election-enabled, and will have no Editor. At that point, it will be a gradual process of releasing improved versions until we’re ready for an official release. It’s tough to say how long that will take.

16 thoughts on “Friday update on new version”

  1. You can also see it’s more visually intuitive what are icons and what are buttons (blue).

  2. Could we at least assume a working official full version will be available before the 2020 Election this Fall? I enjoy playing it in real time and I obviously cant if it’s a beta version and I cant with today’s official version because the saves end up running out of memory after so many days. I enjoy the game, but the waiting game isnt much fun.

  3. Looks great! I have a recommendation for a future update. Is there any way we could get a feature to keep candidates in the race until a certain date? I’m thinking specifically about how a a lot of candidates were aiming to stay in until Super Tuesday and then dropped out last minute. It could make for some interesting gameplay, just a thought.

  4. @Asa,

    Ya, having more options for campaign designers to control how candidates drop out is a good idea. Having said that, these things are sometimes tough to predict, such as Buttigieg and Klobuchar suddenly withdrawing before Super Tuesday.

  5. @Kurtis,

    By Nov. 2020, so 8 months from now? Oh, yes, extremely high probability of that. It’s almost playable right now. My best guess for official is a couple months.

  6. A very minor suggestion, but it would be cool if the number of states a candidate won was displayed as well.

  7. @Lorezo,

    Thanks for this feedback – on election night? We’ll see if-when the election night is revamped.

  8. Doing the math, by your two week estimate, suggests that it will be released on, or around the thirtieth. Is that still the case?

  9. Hey Anthony, I emailed you earlier today. I’m getting the error message “Error reading scenario.xml” and then “Access violation at address 0040CF7D in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018.” when clicking on New Game. Any help? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with the newest update several times and restarted my ASUS laptop numerous times today and still getting the error message. Really hope to hear back soon.

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