Monday update on new version

Here’s the latest screen to be completed in the port, the Platform Screen. The port will allow macOS Catalina support, among other things.

(Note: if you have macOS Catalina installed, until the port is released here are workarounds: 1. Install a virtual machine and then run an older version of macOS on it. 2. Use your Boot Camp Assistant and then install Windows for free while also having Catalina installed, see here. 3. You can also revert back to Mojave if desired. An example of how to revert from Catalina is here.)

This screen is complex – perhaps the most complex outside of the main screen. It also had a lot of old code, so it felt like trench warfare porting it to the new user-interface system.

With this, all the core game screens are done, with the exception of some functionality on the main screen. Next I’ll be going back through the screens, fixing any glitches and adding any things that might have been missed initially.

We’re quite close to a beta of the port being released. It will most likely be general election only to start, with no save-load. It will also be President Infinity released first. Once that’s released officially, then Congress Infinity, and then Prime Minister Infinity.

28 thoughts on “Monday update on new version”

  1. @Jacob,

    I’m focusing fully on the port right now. The 2020 primaries are currently in flux. We might issue an update once things become a bit clearer.

  2. Will there be any sort of prorated payment for those of us who are paying for a subscription but cannot play the games because we have Macs?

  3. @Matt,

    Thanks for asking this. I think I’ll add a significant amount of time to anyone who has (or had) a subscription and uses a Mac, once the port is released. I’ll think more about how to do this.

  4. I can’t wait for the port. These games look amazing! I really wish Catalina didn’t mess everything up but I guess that’s what happens when technology advances lol. In any event, I’m really looking forward to this. Keep up the great work, Anthony!

  5. @Rye,

    Thanks for the feedback! The new language and technology framework is much better, so in the long run it’s probably a good idea.

  6. I bought both President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity over a year ago.
    I have recently bought a subscription to get updates to those games, but apparently because the address i bought this subscription with isn’t the one associated with the original purchase, I can’t get the updates i paid for. How can i verify that i am the same person who bought those games to access updates to them once again? I need to know because at the moment I’m pretty annoyed by the whole process.

  7. So no update to a game that is playable. I asked this question before and was assured a playable version would be available by fall. Now it seems that is being backtracked as well. Pretty frustrating having to pay subscriptions to test games. If I didn’t get a new computer I would have just kept the version of the game that I had prior. At least that game I could play and save it. That seems to be a problem, we never get an official playable version that we can be happy with that doesnt include bugs or issues and leaves us waiting for an uncertain update. We are constantly beta testing the product and paying money to do so. Frustrating.

  8. @Kurtis,

    “So no update to a game that is playable”

    You mean for macOS Catalina? Catalina is a new operating system version that came out, and is incompatible with the current release. I have been working on a port since summer so it will work with Catalina.

  9. @John,

    Not for Catalina, which requires 64-bit apps (current is 32-bit).

    Workarounds are listed in the post, for until the port is completed.

  10. Will this fix a problem that I’m currently having with the game it will randomly freeze and I am unable to save before it starts to freeze and I can never finish a full game I constantly have to save every turn and reload.

  11. @Chad,

    It certainly should. If it doesn’t, that sort of bug will be the top priority once the port is completed.

  12. @TMP,

    At this point, it’s close. It’s impossible to say exactly when. I am now going back through the screens and fixing any bugs, adding any core functionality that was missed, and doing actual release build testing (running it outside the development environment).

  13. Just wanted to say I absolutely love the game. I have been a political junkie for decades and played president elect back in 87-88 then doonesbury election game in 96….and now since I bought President Infinity I’m hooked again. It does freeze up on me from to time but the excitement of the game easily makes up for it.

  14. @anthony_270admin doesn’t matter. I’ve expressed my concerns in previous posts. It is interesting that you didn’t respond to my current frustrations. Is there a way to download an older version that has the save/load working.

  15. I’m just concerning about this happening so close to the election. Like many console video games, when the hardware increases, the games have to be effectively done from scratch, or at least features “disappear” for a while. I’m sure this will be worth it in the end, but will we have full functionality back at least by late summer?

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