President Infinity – v. 3.3.3

Note: 3.1.1j is now ‘President Infinity Classic’. 3.3.3 is the latest official.

Where we’re going from here.

  1. Continue expanding Editor capabilities.
  2. Continue updating official 2020 campaign.
  3. Continue adding new features.

President Infinity v. 3.3.3 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release improves the Ads, Strategy, and Platform Screens, adds more in-game tooltips, adds windowed mode, adds the Editor Parties Screen, and more!

Note: if you have campaigns you have made from President Infinity Classic, it is recommended that you back these up first. Although there should be no problems loading and playing them, this simply errs on the side of caution. If the campaign formatting is unknown, the campaign will be re-written to disk using the new formatting without backing up the original version. If a campaign XML file’s syntax has to be updated, it will backup automatically, however.

See notes below. This version will not overwrite your existing Classic (3.1.1j) release install (if applicable), so you can play the new official version while still playing your previously installed Classic version.

Version 3.3.3 adds

  • Ads Screen > fixed bug with search regions, fixed formatting for long region names
  • can switch fullscreen -> resizable windowed by pressing Alt+Enter (Windows) or Command+F (Mac)
  • Options Screen > added Fullscreen toggle
  • Strategy Screen > can now select region from dropdown box, as well as search
  • Strategy Screen > added tooltips
  • Electoral Vote Info Screen > added tooltips
  • Platform Screen > hover over issue position description, can see full description if doesn’t fit
  • Editor > adds Parties Screen (limited functionality)
  • Editor > Leaders Screen > can edit images

Limited Editor. Save-load is considered an experimental feature right now (slow for typical games starting in the primaries, with save times in the minutes for a typical 2020 primaries start, and loads multiples of that).

Installation instructions:


Download (see below) and double click on the zip file once downloaded.

1. Right click on the extracted app and select New Terminal at Folder. 

2. Copy and paste the following to the terminal line 

cd Contents/MacOS

then press enter. 

3. Then copy and paste the following to the terminal line

chmod +x *

then press enter. 

4. Then control-click on the app. Select ‘Open’ from the context menu (this is required the first time it is run). You may have to repeat this step, opening it twice this way.

Windows: download (see below) the zip file > right-click > Extract all > select location for extracted folder. Once it extracts, run the President Infinity file in the extracted folder.

Windows playing notes: Use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game. If it hangs, use Ctrl + Alt + Del > Task Manager > Processes > Apps > Infinity > right-click > End task.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page. The Beta will be listed under ‘Beta’.

To update:

Version information:

15 thoughts on “President Infinity – v. 3.3.3”

  1. Hi Anthony, love the game and have supported it since 2010.

    I’m having trouble with the latest version – when I reach election day it fails every time. One time in a Yang campaign where the result was going to be very close, I hit next turn and the loading screen just said something like ‘239761798000126%’ and froze.

    I started a new campaign as Trump, got to election night, and got a similar issue.

    Any ideas? It’s quite annoying as I put 3 hours into each campaign.

  2. Same issue with Yang in 2020, but mine said, “-2147483648%” and froze on election day. Same issue as mentioned from before.

    Not an issue playing the 2016, 2012, etc versions. The same % “-2147…” pops up in those campaigns on the final day, but it still shows the final results. Only 2020 campaign having issues with that.

  3. Thanks for fixing the Schultz issue I reported last month!

    Currently having issues with the 2016 scenario when set for primaries to start the UI doesn’t update properly and won’t let me change party or select new options and so on

  4. @Alex re ‘out of memory’.

    This is the first time I believe this has been reported. It might have to do with the polling system, which uses a large amount of memory and is slated to be replaced.

  5. @Jonathan,

    Can you tell me step by step how you get this bug? I have tried playing 2016 primaries and seems to work no problem.

  6. Looks really good! Sadly don’t have any money on me to buy it, as I am yet to get out of high school into a proper job, but I have seen others play it and I hope you keep up the hard work!

  7. I’m using version 3.3.3 of President Infinity. Everything is great. This may sound nitpicky but would it be possible when the votes come in (the screen which shows the map and to the right vote totals) to list the candidates name and party instead of just the party? Also, can there be an option that the map does not fill in until there is a projected winner of a state? (Sorry I know these are very nitpicky requests – thank you for making a great game)

  8. @Ken,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    “list the candidates name and party instead of just the party?”

    Yes, that’s on the to-do list.

    “Also, can there be an option that the map does not fill in until there is a projected winner of a state”

    Well, it will probably be modified so there’s a ‘state called’ feature on election night. We’ll see how it works exactly.

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