President Infinity – v. 3.3.4

Note: 3.1.1j is now ‘President Infinity Classic’. 3.3.4 is the latest official.

Where we’re going from here.

  1. Continue expanding Editor capabilities.
  2. Continue updating official 2020 campaign.
  3. Continue adding new features.

President Infinity v. 3.3.4 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release expands the Editor Parties and Editor Leaders Screens, fixes a bug with the full-screen toggle, fixes a bug that occurred sometimes just before election night, and requires human players pick a Veep nominee after their party’s convention (if they hadn’t picked one before).

Note: if you have campaigns you have made from President Infinity Classic, it is recommended that you back these up first. Although there should be no problems loading and playing them, this simply errs on the side of caution. If the campaign formatting is unknown, the campaign will be re-written to disk using the new formatting without backing up the original version. If a campaign XML file’s syntax has to be updated, it will backup automatically, however.

See notes below. This version will not overwrite your existing Classic (3.1.1j) release install (if applicable), so you can play the new official version while still playing your previously installed Classic version.

Version 3.3.4 adds

  • Editor > Parties > added New, Delete, Edit Id
  • Editor > Parties > Display Position > added tooltip
  • Editor > Parties > added Move Up, Move Down buttons
  • Editor > Leaders > added attributes
  • Editor > Leaders > added issues
  • now requires human player pick vice-leader after convention, if didn’t pick one before
  • Options > full-screen toggle > fixed bug
  • fixed bug that happened just before election night

Limited Editor. Save-load is considered an experimental feature right now (slow for typical games starting in the primaries, with save times in the minutes for a typical 2020 primaries start, and loads multiples of that).

Installation instructions:


Download (see below) and double click on the zip file once downloaded.

1. Right click on the extracted app and select New Terminal at Folder. 

2. Copy and paste the following to the terminal line 

cd Contents/MacOS

then press enter. 

3. Then copy and paste the following to the terminal line

chmod +x *

then press enter. 

4. Then control-click on the app. Select ‘Open’ from the context menu (this is required the first time it is run). You may have to repeat this step, opening it twice this way.

Windows: download (see below) the zip file > right-click > Extract all > select location for extracted folder. Once it extracts, run the President Infinity file in the extracted folder.

Windows playing notes: Use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game. If it hangs, use Ctrl + Alt + Del > Task Manager > Processes > Apps > Infinity > right-click > End task.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page. The Beta will be listed under ‘Beta’.

To update:

Version information:

30 thoughts on “President Infinity – v. 3.3.4”

  1. I want to say to Anthony that although I appreciate all the updates and stuff going on, I also would appreciate if the game would go further and faster regarding adding more stuff and things added to the game. In fact if it costs 50 or 100 dollars more, I’m more than happy to pay for them. But I’m a little tired of seeing the same updates every X number of years and almost no progress regarding the game itself. You have changed the game engine, but what benefit does it make? more realistic? I would rather have more features and more stuff to make the game more dinamic and more enjoyful, even if I have to pay way more. Please consider this, having an expansion pack, a meaningful one, a real one, with many more things.

    You promised French election TWO YEARS ago and there’s still no French election, no realistic run off itself. Things that you promised two years ago. I think we need to have a different approach to this game, even if we have to pay more, the ones that really like the game will pay more. But this “updates” adding stuff that previous versions of the game already had 10 years ago is… boring for the ones like me that want this game to have success, to be more complex and dinamic.

    Thank you for your attention,

  2. Perhaps it is just an issue with my computer, but the endorsement page seems to be pretty glitchy. Has this issue been reported by other users? Would appreciate if you looked in to it. Other than that, amazing game and I really enjoy playing.

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for adding the tooltips for icons in the last update. Really makes things easier, though adding the rest of the tooltips would be great. Like in the classic version could you re-implement the tooltips for the blue icons in the Player Info screen and the issue icons in the ads screen so I can see what ads I have up? After this I’d say this is probably it for the tooltips.

    Responding to your comment in the v.3.3.1 update page were you able to test the ads screen?

  4. In the ad screen after I decide on an ad and close out before creating it, a command point is used up. There is no way to get it back. The game thinks it’s created, further confirmed in the notes that pop up after a turn. The notes say it’s there but it’s not. This is one bug I’ve found.

    Another bug I’ve found is that sometimes info on a screen freezes. Two screens that have problems like this are the Electoral Strategy Screen and Endorsers Screen. When this happens on the Electoral Strategy Screen I can’t filter the states. They remain frozen and I can’t cycle or do anything. Same thing happens on the Endorsers Screen and I can’t use PIPs and Command Points. These problems usually clear up when I finish a turn.

  5. I cannot change a party’s logo, ive checked all the peramiters but it just gives me a black box instead of the .bmp I used.

  6. @Ariel,

    Thanks for this feedback – is there anything in specific you are finding glitchy on the Endorsements Screen?

  7. One thing that ive noticed is that everytime I try to pick my VP the Game crashes and i cant go to the next week. Its happened on my Minnesota Governor scenario, the 2020 scenario a few times, and the Virginia governor 2021 scenario.

  8. Anthony,

    Noticed that ads now default to Newspaper Ad. I know it is only a few extra clicks, but could it be moved back to TV ad? Feels like this is the most likely selection and would save some time.

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  9. @Berg,

    How are you picking for VP? Is it that you’ve won the primaries before the convention? Or after the convention?

  10. An issue I’ve started running into is that the “Done” button occasionally glitches. I’ll be finished with a turn and click “Done” but it does not advance, no amount of clicking around or waiting will fix it, I just have to close out the game and start over. I have only noticed it when starting in primaries.

  11. @Andres,

    “You have changed the game engine, but what benefit does it make?”

    1. Can run on OSes outside of Windows. 2. Makes forward development much easier.

    “You promised French election TWO YEARS ago and there’s still no French election”

    Once the French election passed, added the 2-round system was no longer a priority. However, it might happen before the next French election.

    I realize the re-tread on game features isn’t that interesting – trust me, I really realize this. But this is the way forward. We’re almost at the point of adding new features again.

  12. Hi Anthony, thanks as always for your hard work. Couple of questions:

    (1) How long until you think the Editor reaches full capabilities?
    (2) Have you begun work on voting blocs? You’ve mentioned this a few times the last couple of years and it should be a great feature if implemented.

  13. @Thr33,

    1. A couple of months is best guess. Each update will probably see an expansion of editor capabilities.
    2. No. Voting blocs is on the to-do list, but if it happens it will be down the line.

  14. Thanks Anthony. Two other things:

    (1) Are you considering incorporating bigger polling misses into the game? Since 2020 ended up being one of the closest elections in the electoral college ever in the end when many people were expecting a blowout

    Eight times in history the tipping point state’s margin was <1%:
    1876 SC (0.5%)
    1884 NY (0.1%)
    1916 CA (0.4%)
    1948 CA (0.4%)
    1960 MO (0.5%)
    2000 FL (0.0%)
    2016 WI (0.8%)
    2020 WI (0.6%)

    Maybe it wouldn't make sense since polling in this game is more about internal polls, I guess (national polls are reported in the newspapers though).

    (2) I'm not sure how turnout figures into the current model, but it's an interesting dynamic especially considering this was one of the higher turnout elections in recent memory. It seems for a lot of voters in the age of hyper, the decision isn't between voting Democrat or Republican, but for voting for one vs staying home.

  15. @Thr33,

    1. Polling system to be replaced. Will allow for systematic polling biases in public polling.

    2. Turnout matters in the current model. Footsoldiers and local Org. affect GOTV.

  16. Yeah I was just about to comment what Thr33 said. The game right now is unrealistic with the results of the 2020 election.

  17. Recently I’ve discovered that there are many more tooltips than the ones I’ve mentioned that are absent in the recent version that are there in the classic version, such as in the campaign selection screen, icons in the spin screen, and others, and who knows how many more tooltips there should be that were there in the classic version. When you can could you compare versions and see what tooltips are missing? Thank you.

  18. Anthony, another question:

    Biden (presumably) won by running an almost anti-campaign. Limited availability, not many events. Some of this was design RE:Covid, but it seems he definitely tried to run a campaign where he wasn’t very visible, and wanted to let Trump eat up all the oxygen in the room (similar to Dewey in 1948 I’ve heard). Biden basically became generic D (worked with Harris to a lesser extent), and became an idealized candidate that didn’t offend people on his right flank (blue dogs) or left flank (progressives).

    Three questions on this:

    (1) Is there a current mechanism whereby doing more events can hurt a candidate?
    (2) Is there a current mechanism whereby doing fewer events can help a candidate?
    (3) Does a viable strategy exist in the current game to become generic D/R?

  19. @Thr33,

    Lots of good points and questions.

    “Biden (presumably) won by running an almost anti-campaign. Limited availability, not many events.”

    I would rather characterize is as air vs. ground. Internet-tv-mail (air) as opposed to door knocking-massive rallies (ground).

    I’m not sure Biden gained from not having events. He squeaked out victories for an EC win (assuming they hold). The limited availability is different – prevented gaffes.

    1. Doing more events can result in a gaffe, which can hurt a candidate.
    2. Similar to 1.
    3. I’m not sure exactly what this means, but certainly running a centre-left candidate (as opposed to a candidate further to left) makes campaigning easier.

  20. That makes sense, thank you Anthony. So I guess it’s tied to the likelihood of a candidate having a gaffe.

    RE:3 – Well I think that was part of it, but also, some of Biden’s more left-leaning ideas (redirecting funds from police, committing to a study on reparations, discussing mask mandates/national lockdowns, rejoining the Paris Agreement, considering a fracking ban) didn’t become big issues in the campaign because his campaign stuck to limited availability.

    So I think Biden appeared more moderate to moderates, and more progressive to progressives, when in reality he is a standard DLC dem. To some extent this is the power of anti-incumbency: Trump was able to do this in 2016 on things like healthcare, trade, foreign policy. So maybe that’s not Biden-specific.

    On other thing, it seems Biden did very well with 2016 third party voters (I’ve seen estimates of them breaking 50% Biden, 20% Trump, 30% third party/nonvoter). Is there something to be said about third party voters being less likely when there is an incumbent?

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