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  1. Any chance of updating the Australian game especially as there will be a consequential election next month?

  2. Been reading the play test blogs from A more Perfect Union. There’s a lot of games out there coming this year but I have to say I think this is the one I am most excited about. The possibilities seem absolutely endless. Will we be able to control the naming of the parties or will it just go identically to history? Whigs, federalists, eventually democrat and republicans or maybe custom names or alternative names too?

  3. @chris

    Thanks! This is Jonathan, the creator. I’m glad you’re excited about the game. It’s the game I’m always wanted. It didn’t exist, so now we’re making it!

    You’ll have control over naming your faction. Party Names are created via scripted events. Each player will have a list of possible faction names, which are based on what lobbies, interests, and ideologies make up your faction. There’s also an era range for some of these. Therefore, if you are in the Era of the Gilded Age, and you are a member of the Democratic Party, and you have the most conservatives in that party, then you’ll have the option of being “Conservative Democrats,” “Bourbon Democrats (Historic name),” “Gold Democrats,” “_______ Democrats” with the blank being the name of your faction leader.

    There is a chance historic parties are replaced by alternate parties, but it’s very rare. For instance, there’s a chance Socialism, Communism, or Fascism take hold, which would then rename the party.

  4. AMPU Question:

    Will Politician Deaths be a possible event? Like assassinations, natural age, complications, wars, ransom, etc? Or is this going to play like Civ or HOI4, where the leaders don’t die unless scripted to?

  5. @Supreme Incompetent Leader

    There is a phase in which politicians have a chance for death with random causes of death in the mix. Some politicians are tagged to have a lower or higher chance of death. Old Age increases the odds. Era increases or lowers the odds. There are general events, including assassination, that can kill off politician. Politicians automatically retire after they hit 100 years old. There’s also random retirements. Chance for retirement on losing an election. Etc.

  6. @Leopold,

    President Infinity might be released on iPad, we’ll see. If so, no ETA.

    No update for Prime Minister Infinity for the Australian election planned for the near future. Hopefully someone will release a modded 2019 campaign.

  7. I recently redownloaded President Infinty for mac but there seems to be an issue.. no matter what I do or where I campaign the original poll numbers from the start of the game remain the same a never change. Any idea how to fix this?

  8. Hey there,

    Any chance we will see the editing capability in President Infinity be expanded anytime soon? Would like to add endorsers, interviewers, issues, events, etc. Thanks!

  9. Another question: Is there anything I can do when the game “freezes” or hangs up when advancing a turn? It just gets stuck on the “processing turn” screen and I can’t seem to do anything except give up and start over. Is there anything else I can try?

  10. Hello. I am starting to play President Infinity again and am confused about what the “President Infinity 2021” is?

    I am not sure if I have the latest version. I tried downloading the latest President Infinity 2021 v1.6 but when I do I am still stuck with President Infinity (no 2021) v.3.1.1.

    I do not see any difference in the “2021” version pictures, I read somewhere it was merely interface changes? Please some aid here and sorry for not keeping up to date haha

  11. @Manuel,

    1.6 is quite different. Are you downloading 1.6? If so, are you installing it? If so, are you making sure to run that and not the Classic version?

  12. @IndependentPerson,

    I believe those don’t do anything in President Infinity or Congress Infinity. Language bonus is used in Prime Minister Infinity – Canada, I believe.

  13. @Brian re editing Polls,

    The PI Editor is planned to be a full Editor, so anything relevant such as starting %s should be modifiable once completed.

  14. The following error appears when attempting to start a custom scenario I made:
    “Access violation at address 0050C2CE in module ‘PMI_UK.exe’. Write of address 00000048.”
    Might I ask what does this error stand for and how to fix this?

  15. Hi Anthony –

    Thanks as always for your hard work.

    How far off do you think we are from a final editor for PI? Are any other updates still outstanding?

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