14 thoughts on “June open thread”

  1. The classic versions cannot be opened on Mac, and I cannot import any custom campaigns through the Campaign Editor either.

  2. Admin, could you make a more obvious place to access the campaign creation forum from? Whenever I want to visit the forum, I always end up going through most of the pages under Product Help Files, Blog, Home, and other sections of this site before I finally find a forum link.

    Thank you for your time,

  3. The Florida 2018 Senate sub-game does not seem to function in President Infinity 2021 whatsoever. This happens whether I use 0, 1, or 2 human players, and on any mode of difficulty. Either the screen freezes and the game crashes, or the main screen fails to ever load. Could you please get this checked out for me?

    Also, the download link for the new Prime Minister Infinity Canada beta does not appear to be working, either.

  4. Can President Infinity 3.1.1j and 2.8.2 be simultaneously working on my computer at once? When I try to install one on Windows 11, it merely steals the folder used for the other, and replaces that game by deleting it.

  5. Anthony a customized scenario I created has problems in the private polling. It never completes.

  6. I have already uninstalled, deleted, and redownloaded each version of this program (latest updates only) on multiple instances, both from the original links as well as by filling out your form for requesting its product codes. The rest of the time, here’s what I’ve been seeing:




  7. @Anna,

    Thanks for this – the best way to troubleshoot this is over e-mail. I will send you a follow up in response to the e-mail you sent.

  8. Do we have an updated estimate on when the beta will be out? I am very excited and find myself checking back weekly now that it is mid 2022

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