14 thoughts on “July open thread”

  1. Note that Congress Infinity 2022 release has been pushed back from July 4th to July 30th.

  2. Okay, what can we expect from:
    -PMI Canada (2022 or 2023?)
    -Congress Infinity 2022 (House, Senate)
    -President Infinity (2022 or 2023?)
    and finally
    A More Perfect Union

    This is no longer for the public info. The 270soft Wiki is finished-I’m done with Fandom and Twitter. If anyone else wishes to take up the mantle, be my guest.

  3. PMI UK, Canada and the older version of PI have all become unplayable on the new MacOS due to the shift from 32-bit to 64-bit. Are there any plans to update these games or alternatively, any way to run them on the new MacOS? Years of scenarios etc are currently inaccessible.


  4. 1. Can you get oldest version(like Campaign Forever) of game?
    2. Is custom scenario file compatible by oldest version?

  5. 270soft’s e-mail was recently switched, and it turns out a significant number of e-mails were caught in the junk filter without me realizing. My apologies for the delay – I’m working to get through the backlog.

  6. @SIL,

    There are no plans to make a President Infinity 2022 or 2023 at this point. Instead, work is focused on AMPU. President Infinity 2021 will probably be renamed President Infinity 2020 (as it’s about that election), and updated significantly. Once that’s done, I’ll be considering a President Infinity 2024. No news for a PMI.

  7. @Ryan,

    AMPU early access I would like to see September, but this depends on all sorts of things – it can’t be predicted exactly.

  8. @Lewis,

    Yes, Apple decided to drop support of 32-bit apps. A bit of a head-scratcher – I’m sure they have their reasons beyond just wanting to make more money on new apps. There are no plans at this point for PMI – your options would be to install two OSes on your Mac (Windows or an earlier macOS that supports 32-bit).

  9. @Jakob,

    There’s no way to know exactly. Another update e-mail will be going out soon for AMPU backers and pre-orderers.

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