Congress Infinity 2022 development update

There was a significant problem with the development computer here that was being used for Congress Infinity 2022 (basically, the computer was destroyed), just before Congress Infinity 2022 was going to be released for early-access. This is a very unlikely event. This has caused a delay in the roll-out of Congress Infinity 2022. 

Although the data has been backed up, we don’t have the most recent backup. Combined with having to set up another development computer, this will delay the project at least a couple of weeks.

An e-mail was sent out to all pre-orderers at that time. I am still getting back up and running with setting up the new computer. Once that is done, work will continue on the Senate 2022 and House campaigns, while I wait to see if data recovery from the most recent state is possible. If not, work will then pick up from the most recent backup data.

Thank you for your patience on this.

3 thoughts on “Congress Infinity 2022 development update”

  1. I think it’s fine that we have to wait, the primaries aren’t even over until mid September.

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