15 thoughts on “September open thread”

  1. Thinking about getting Congress Infinity, just wondering if there’s any cool random events that might trigger that cause backlash to a portion of the electorate like say if you’re not a 2020 election denier, Donald Trump is more likely to actively undermine your campaign but it having a positive effect if the state has more Democrats/anti-Trump.

  2. My HS friend and I both played together back in 2012, it’s part of how we both got into politics. We were talking the other day about wanting to revisit the game. Wondering if there’s been any intention to add online multiplayer.

  3. @Peter,

    Thanks for this feedback! Re online multiplayer, this will be part of getting feedback from users about what features they want to see for a possible President Infinity 2024.

  4. I just played through my first campaign with the house scenario, really enjoying the move to unity! Two things I noticed one is that we are not able to see individual races within states, just being able to see them if we export the file, is it planned that we will be able to pick to see the individual races within the states to view the results? One bug that I noticed is that when you are looking at the results once election night is over and you look to see a state with only one house seat like I did with Delaware you cannot then click on a state with multiple seats to see the statewide results. I was able to look at other states with only one house seat like North Dakota but not any state with multiple seats. Just wanted to let you know!

  5. Played a little bit of Senate 2022 as Sanders vs Hawley and 2018 (I think) as Lujan vs Ryan and in both cases found if I spent command points on infrastructure in races, I didn’t get them back after increase in Organization Strength.

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