Major President Infinity update coming

Probably in September, there will be a major President Infinity update. It will significantly upgrade the user interface and fix some bugs. It will also rebrand the game from President Infinity 2021 to President Infinity 2020 (named after the last Presidential election it contains – makes a bit more sense in conveying what the game contains).

The game will no longer be on a yearly new version cycle, but instead 2020 will be it until if-when 2024 is released. If 2024 does happen, it will be a major project.

8 thoughts on “Major President Infinity update coming”

  1. Do you know if the new update will support the old historical campaigns created by users on the site? It is a lot of fun to play all the historical campaigns 🙂

  2. @Luca,

    What do you mean by the ‘old historical campaigns’? If there’s one listed as PI compatible but it isn’t working (with the next update), please bring it to my attention once the update is released.

  3. @Jacob,

    I’m going to be asking users for feedback on President Infinity to see what they want to see in an upgrade. If we do a new 2024 version (as opposed to just adding a 2024 campaign to 2020), it will be a major project.

  4. Are we going to be seeing any updates on A More Perfect Union soon? We were told “I would like to see early access starting sometime in September” and haven’t heard anything since then.

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