President Infinity 2020 – v. 1.7

Note: President Infinity 2021 has been rebranded as President Infinity 2020.

President Infinity 2020 v. 1.7 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release adds

  • major update to user interface
  • bug fixes

The game will install as ‘President Infinity 2020‘. Make sure to run that file, not the older President Infinity app.

Keyboard shortcuts, sound, and Editor are forthcoming.

Installation instructions:

Windows: download (see below) and run the installer.

Windows playing notes: if in full-screen mode, use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game.

Mac: download (see below), decompress (if not done automatically), and then move app file to your Applications.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page.

To update:

Version information:

21 thoughts on “President Infinity 2020 – v. 1.7”

  1. Everything looks great! — Will just note, the blue X button does not seem to be working on Mac. Got stuck in the endorser screen in the 1968 scenario and also had issues in the 2020 scenario.

  2. Anthony_270, I would like to change the email associated with my account. I do not have access to the old email address associated with the account. The update page instructed me to contact you through this blog.

  3. @Toby,

    Thanks for this feedback. Can you say more – which X button are you referring to? How did you get stuck on the Endorsers Screen?

  4. Thanks for the great update team. I’m finding the version unplayable, seeing incredibly inconsistent movement in polls and activity windows staying stuck on screen on the minor end. To a greater extent, I’m getting GC stack overflow errors messages when trying to load a saved game.
    Dems can’t be selected in 2008 scenario and when starting a 2016 scenario the screen tabs have generic labels, map blank and the game cannot proceed. IS there an update/patch coming soon?

  5. I love the update, though I did notice some things while playing and looking around, like David said, in 2008, and 2004 you cannot play any party other than the one that is listed first, so Reps only in 2008 and Dems only in 2004. 1980 you cannot select any Dem in the primaries but it will move to Andersons party. 1972 1968 Primaries are completely unplayable, where the candidates do not show up when you click to activate them. I played through the 2016 Republican Primaries and noticed two things, the first is on the primary results screen, it does not update with the correct candidates like I had Gary Johnson and Jill Stein turned on and their primaries that happened on the same day, would show Gary Johnsons picture instead of Jill Stein when showing the results. Also the previous Primary button does not work to go back and see the results. The Final thing I noticed is that I was not able to select a Vice Leader after I won the convention. Thank you for all the hard work I just wanted to let you all know what I noticed.

  6. @David,

    Thanks for this feedback.

    “incredibly inconsistent movement in polls”

    Can you be more specific? You can expect polls to move around (as it does in real life).

    “activity windows staying stuck on screen on the minor end”

    What do you mean by ‘minor’ here?

    “when trying to load a saved game”

    Are you loading a game saved in 1.7? If so, can you tell me campaign, start options, and approximately where in the game you were when you saved?

    “IS there an update/patch coming soon?”

    Yes, there will be an update once I have replicated and fixed any bugs.

  7. @Berg2036,

    I’m not able to replicate these. Can you start the game afresh, and try to replicate the campaign-specific problems? If you’re able to, can you tell me the start options you selected?

  8. I have an issue with messed up percentages when the game starts where polling shows 50.9% Biden 46% Trump 3.1% Jorgensen and 9.9% undecided. I have polling like this in ever state I select.

  9. Hi Anthony,
    Thanks again for the update, UI is great. I’ve played some more and am running into a few issues I’m afraid. Happy to share screenshots or save files via email if needed.

    -I have 2 campaigns where the game freezes at a point in March having started in the primaries (July) for 2020 & 2016 campaigns
    -I have managed to play a 2004 campaign through to the Democratic convention and having sealed the nomination early was unable to select a VP. At the convention stage that option is still unavailable meaning the game has stalled here too

  10. @ModerateGuy

    Are you saying this is message up because the %s including undecideds don’t sum to 100? If so, that’s by design. The %s for the candidates are as a % of the decided voters.

  11. @David,

    Thanks for these. I’ve noted the 2nd one, as that’s pretty specific. The 1st one is very vague. If you are able to replicate freezing for a specific campaign with specific starting options, I can try to replicate it on this end – please let me know.

  12. The new update is much more playable now,

    A few issues i’ve spotted are;

    -Endorsers screen doesn’t always change to correct lists unless refreshing.
    -Newspaper interviews sometimes show available interviews when none are available on clicking
    -Undecided/not seeking candidates don’t have a button to declare explore candidacy
    -Seems much harder to dislodge a leading candidate during primaries (is this intended? or a result of dog-piling in the early states)

  13. Regarding my first issue, as I forwarded a turn the load screen freezes and doesn’t return to normal gameplay. It just fails to progress beyond that date, even when I went back to the earlier saved date and played through again.

  14. Regarding the specifics of the game freezing,
    It’s happened in March on both occasions.

    2020: Booker, started in June. Added Romney, Pence, Cruz and others to the Republican side

    2016: Gore, started at earliest possible stage (June?). Didn’t add any other candidates

  15. A bug has been replicated and fixed re selecting a Vice-Leader.

    A bug has been replicated and fixed re going from ‘not seeking’ to ‘undecided’ to ‘decided’.

  16. @ModerateGuy,

    Yes – the main %s should sum to ~100 (sometimes there’s rounding so it doesn’t exactly equal 100), then undecideds varies.

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