16 thoughts on “What features would you want to see in a President Infinity 2024?”

  1. Thank you for creating this thread. If a major update comes to the game, these are the top five features I would like to be implemented, from most to least desirable:

    Another Gubernatorial or Senatorial scenario, preferably with primaries included. I recommend either the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election or the 2022 Alaska Gubernatorial Election.

    The option to start the general election at an early date, for example, to start a 2020 scenario game on December 3, 2019, with the nominees having already been decided.

    A way to copy and paste all of a candidate’s information (personal attributes, issue positions, primary %s, etc.).

    This would take a great amount of time and effort, but an overhaul of official scenarios for past elections, especially 2004 – 2016. The candidates’ stats use a 1-5 scale (1/3/5/7/9) instead of the 0-10 scale the 2020 scenario uses. Most scenarios lack an Observer party. The 1912, 1972, and 1980 scenarios noticeably lack the Prohibition, American Independent and Libertarian parties, respectively.

    An official 1860 scenario.

  2. One thing that immediately comes to mind is being able to have primaries for states based scenarios based on actual primaries, the work around is fine where we put the delegate number in for the county results, but it would be nice to be able to turn the convention off if we so desire for our own scenarios. I know the editor will be added back fully in the future. Online multiplayer could be very fun if that is something so added.

  3. Tbh I think a lot of the features i’ve been looking for will be featured in A More Perfect Union! I’m somebody who really likes interactive role playing in these kinds of games, and it’s one reason I am very excited for A More Perfect Union.

  4. We didn’t donate to a kickstarter so you could waste your time on a buggy game that hasn’t been good in 15 years. We donated because we wanted AMPU. Roll the infinity stuff into that game and take it off life support.

  5. Hi Anthony –

    (1) Modeling of mail vote and early voting
    (2) Ability to contest election results (2000 or 2020 style?)
    (3) Split EVs for ME/NE
    (4) Campaign altering events like Covid or Hurricanes or the Financial Crisis that cause a pause in events
    (5) If possible, adding more individual pollsters and news outlets (not sure if you can for copyright reasons?)
    (6) Making debates more complex
    (7) Possibly adding shadow primaries starting earlier (like we have for Trump and DeSantis now) where it’s a game of chicken before declaration
    (8) More being done with racial/demographic blocks

  6. @ADonorToAMPU,

    I understand impatience with the development of AMPU. Please understand, though, that AMPU is only partially funded by backers of that game. A large amount of its funding, perhaps in the end a majority, will be through sales of games like President Infinity. Also, a significant amount of the work on President Infinity is applicable and will help work on AMPU – these aren’t mutually exclusive.

  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    @Thr33, can you say more about 4. above? What do you mean by ’cause a pause in events’?

  8. Bro, you fucking scammed 30k out of AMPU donators. When was the last time you actually coded it? It took you two months form may to the end of july to code career path???

  9. Alright, in the interest of not being a dick, some (intended) constructive questions.

    1) what part of the Infinity code is applicable to AMPU? PI is an election sim and this is much more than that… is it the election sim code that you’re referring to? because that also needs some serious work — the entire game is just buggy all around and has been for a few years now… almost since you switched over to Unity.

    2) the Kickstarter got $30,000 in donations. I’m curious as to how you arrived at the conclusion that PI/CI/PMI sales are going to make up even more than that — especially since from my 10,000-foot view, it would appear that most of the customer base for the Infinity series is made up of those who already receive updates for free.

    3) Communication. If you’re going to spend time working on PI or CI, that’s fine — but if AMPU just isn’t a project that’s got work going on, that’s also important to hear. It’s been months since the last email was sent out, with plenty about PI and CI since then with no mention of AMPU, and the timeline originally set out for the game is clearly not going to be met — so it’s not unreasonable to think communication can be improved. These kinds of long delays start to foster the idea that it’s a scam (which I don’t agree with fwiw, I think your prior work, in spite of my gripes with its quality, speaks for itself)

    Hope this helps. I’m not trying to be antagonistic, just trying to get answers, and I apologize for the frustration in my last comment — I hope this helps make it understandable.

  10. Guys, there is an e-mail that will be sent out for AMPU shortly.

    @Cosmo, $30K funds development for a few months. The other products fund the rest. Otherwise, how do you think the development gets funded?

  11. How exactly does $30K fund only a few months? Especially when you’ve been focused on developing other games instead. Plus, some of the money was also set aside for two stretch goals, the editor + multiplayer, two features that aren’t in the game. It seriously feels like money is being burned for no results right now…

    I’d also like to hear an answer as to what part of Infinity code is applicable to AMPU.

  12. I want President Infinity for Linux ,delegates apportionment on lovel level(CD or something),primaries by way of AV,or approval voting or National level primaries without delegate thing
    I also want Chancellor Forever remake with Pure PR (ether nationally or with districts) diffrent thresholds and STV,exit polls , polls on lower than state levels(city,county) certain demographics and ads on lower level?

  13. @Cosmo,

    Implementation of AMPU has been on-going since January. The Kickstarter gives a big boost to development, but it was never meant to cover all development costs.

  14. @Anthony

    By pause I mean, look at:

    2008 – McCain paused campaigning shortly after Lehman.
    2012 – Romney paused campaigning during Sandy
    2020 – Both candidates reduced stops during Covid

    I think external factors (which are randomized and toggled on and off – I believe Democracy 3, the game on Steam, used them) could make for interesting momentum pausers.

    Scenario 1: Candidate B is trailing, gaining in polls. All of a sudden…HURRICANE HITS TEXAS! Both candidates leave the trail for several days. Momentum reversed to incumbent.

    Scenario 2: Candidate A is improving, and all of a sudden…HE CATCHES COVID! One of the debates is canceled, challenger takes the lead.

    Stuff like this. Thoughts?

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