Congress Infinity 2022 – v. 1.7

Congress Infinity 2022 v. 1.7 for Windows and Mac has been released!

With this release, Congress Infinity 2022 is now released officially, and no longer in early access.

This release adds

  • sound
  • Senate 2022 > Fetterman > Strength > 2 -> 1
  • Senate 2022, House 2022 > added events from Oct. 16-25

The game will install as ‘Congress Infinity 2022‘.

Full Editor is forthcoming.

Installation instructions:

Windows: download (see below) and run the installer.

Windows playing notes: if in full-screen mode, use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game.

Mac: download (see below), decompress (if not done automatically), and then move app file to your Applications.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page.

To update:

7 thoughts on “Congress Infinity 2022 – v. 1.7”

  1. Can’t wait to order and play it! Quick questions:

    1. Will there be third parties (Libertarian, Green, etc.) added for the House 2022 campaign game?
    2. Will there be a new guide to making custom logos/issue icons for Congress Infinity 2022 since the game has a somewhat different look compared to previous 270soft games?

  2. @Anthony_270

    No problem!

    Also it seems that on election night I cannot select/view the results of specific House races (example: viewing the results in Virginia’s 7th district.) Is it a glitch, or is it just that feature hasn’t been added yet?

    Also will ranked-choice voting be an option in Congress Infinity 2022 like it is in President Infinity?

  3. @EAY,

    1. Noted – will attempt to replicate.
    2. It’s certainly something that would be nice to have, but it’s also tricky to model. It’s something I’ll think about in the future.

  4. Is Congress Infinity 2022 v1.7 under the same license as Congress Infinity v.332 or is a separate purchase required for the 2022 version?


  5. @Anthony

    No issue as I already had CI Classic before CI 22 was released and was just wondering if they were connected but renamed.


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