270soft brings the political and cultural process alive for people of all ages, while striving to make our products stimulating, immersive, and innovative. Our software allows for excellent educational opportunities in social studies, civics, history, geography, and political science.

270soft games have been featured in publications from The Washington Post to The Globe and Mail and from the BBC to Slate, and have been used in elementary schools, high-schools, and universities across North America and Europe.

Founded by Anthony Burgoyne (M.A.) and Raven Kopelman (B.Sc.), 270soft’s products include President Infinity (2014), Congress Infinity (2014), Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. (2015), Prime Minister Infinity – Canada (2015), the President Forever line (2003-2014), the Congress Forever line (2010-2012), the Prime Minister Forever line (2004-2013), and the Chancellor Forever line (2005-2009).

270soft is headquartered on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.