Australia Election Game 2013

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It’s 2013. The fate of Australia is in your hands. Lead your party to victory.

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pm4e_aus_2013_abbott_main_screen_300x225Prime Minister Forever - Australia 2013 - Editor - Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 is the most in-depth, intense Australian political election game ever made. Using realistic electorate modeling techniques, an unprecedented number of options, and detailed candidates, this is big time!

Good campaigning, Prime Minister-to-Be!

You can order Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 and immediately download the game here.

System requirements: Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 runs on Windows xp, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.

Internet connection required to download and for one-time activation.


  • Completely new game engine.
  • Includes 2013, with 5 parties to choose from (Liberal, Labor, National, Greens, Katter’s Australian), each with their own goals for the election.
  • A Campaign Editor – modify the candidates, add new ones, or even insert yourself and run for Prime Minister! Modify or add endorsers, surrogates, parties, and more! The control is in your hands.
  • Surrogates, who barnstorm, fundraise, or spin for you – tell them where to go and what to do.
  • Candidate strengths – each candidate has different strengths in Leadership, Experience, Integrity, Charisma, and more.
  • Campaign strengths. All the new campaign strength attributes affect the capabilities of your campaign in different ways, and mimic the strengths of real life campaigns.
  • Build up seat-by-seat command-and-control, and synergize it with your Footsoldiers to swamp your opponents in key seats!
  • Barnstorming, give speeches, fundraise to boost your campaign finances, and much more – you decide. Or perhaps it’s time to hold rallies to accommodate the thronging crowds and boost your reach?
  • Which seats are coming onto the radar, and which seats look the most appealing to target? See political data at a glance and and arrange seats at a click with the new strategy screen.
  • More control over debates. Call out specific opponents in debates to stop their momentum, or boast about your own achievements.
  • Craft ads to target specific regions, and gain extra bonuses when you run them.
  • You have 76+ seats in your column for now, great – but how deep is your support? Now you can see at a glance with the new electoral vote display.
  • and much more included in the latest release.