Canada Election Game

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada is the definitive Canadian election game for 2019 and beyond!

Trudeau vs. Scheer vs. Singh vs. Blanchet vs. May vs. Bernier. Who will win, and will there be a majority or minority government? It’s up to you!

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada features

  • the 2019 campaign, including all 338 ridings, 6 major parties (Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Greens, BQ, PPC), local candidates, leader and campaign attributes, platforms, and much more
  • also includes the 2015, 2011, 2008, 2006, 2004, and 2000 campaigns
  • includes Prince Edward Island 2019, Alberta 2019, Ontario 2018, and Quebec 2018 campaigns
  • includes Australia 2019 and 2016 campaigns, with preferences
  • a Campaign Editor – edit or create leaders, parties, campaigners, ridings, percentages, and more

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You can order and receive the latest release version immediately.

The game is available for $19.95 CND.

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada will run on Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11), Mac only with pre-Catalina.

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Battle for control of Parliament. Can the Liberals return to power with a majority, or will the Conservatives take the Prime Minister’s office? It’s close. Can the NDP, Greens, or even independents or the People’s Party hold the balance of power in a new Parliament?

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada includes all 338 ridings, 6 major parties, local candidates, leader and campaign attributes, platforms, and much more.


Craft ads nationally or down to the specific seat, gaining regional bonuses and lifting up your candidate or dragging down your opponent with attack ads.


Send national resources to buttress campaigns at the seat level, or decide when it’s time to pull the plug and focus somewhere else.


Direct your leader or national-level campaigners, telling them where to go and what to do. Should they help a marginal-seat candidate, head to one of the national news networks and spin, get ready for a televised debate, or something else?


Hone your national strategy, targeting seats to increase your effectiveness and wisely allocating limited resources in money, command-and-control, and political influence on a race-by-race basis.


Leaders have not only personal attributes (Leadership, Experience, Integrity, Issue Familiarity, and so on) but campaign attributes, which affect their campaign’s ability to respond to news stories, research electoral insights, gain a polling advantage, and more.


Expose scandals on the national party operations, or dig up scandals on specific candidates and then fan the flames until the story bursts forth on the national scene.


Tailor your platform for targeted regions, keeping an eye on issue profiles and regional centres.

Election Results

Watch election night as results are announced, and export the detailed results for review or sharing.

Campaign Editor

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada contains a Campaign Editor, giving you the ability to modify Parliamentary campaigns, or create your own, including editing, adding, or removing constituencies, issues, leaders, parties, endorsers, campaigners, and more.


You can order and receive the latest release version immediately.

For Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11), Mac only with pre-Catalina.

The game is available for $19.95 CND.

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