Congress Infinity 2022

Congress Infinity 2022, for the 2022 House and Senate elections and more, is here.

Play the election sim that correctly predicted the Senate 2022 outcome!

You can order Congress Infinity 2022 and receive immediate access to the game.

Congress Infinity 2022 features Senate and House 2022, as well as 10 more historical campaigns.

Congress Infinity 2022 is US$ 20.22.

You can also get Congress Infinity 2022 and President Infinity 2024 together for just $29.95 US here.

It is available for Windows and Mac.

“Historical accuracy and realism are its true strength.” – ElectoMagazine

Pick your party. Senate 2022 includes Democrats, Republicans, Murkowski (Alaska Republican), McMullin (Utah Independent), Libertarians, and more. House 2022 comes with Democrats and Republicans.

Congress Infinity 2022 also comes with Senate 2020, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, and 2010, and House 2020, 2018, and 2016, providing immense depth and replayability to the game.

Choose who will lead your party in the mid-terms. For example, if Republican do you choose Sen. Rick Scott, a bridge between MAGA and Old Establishment parts of the party, or McConnell? If Democratic, do you choose Schumer or pick a what-if such as Warren for the leader?

2022 Senate comes with 8 party leader options for the Democrats and Republicans each.

Here Warren as a what-if leader is using the map to decide where to take action next. You can see the projected balance of the Senate, also broken down by strength of support. The future of the Senate depends on you!

Craft an electoral strategy by comparing states at-a-glance, then targeting the battlegrounds. Take region-specific actions like building organization strength and recruiting footsoldiers to buttress your campaigns in swing-states or jettison resources in lost causes!

Set the margin of error (MoE) and then launch tracking polls for state races!

Select surrogates and send them to toss-up states or the airwaves, utilizing their key strengths (Barnstorming, Fundraising, or Spin).

Create ads – boast about your strengths or magnify your opponents’ weaknesses – and blanket the airwaves in key states, or cut your losses to pivot to winnable races.

Tailor your platform for swing states, or view your momentum by issue to see where your campaign is gaining ground or facing a set-back.

Run as a third-party – Libertarian, Green, Constitution – in the Senate 2022 campaign, and make history by catapulting one of your candidates into the Senate!

An Editor, allowing you to customize all parts of a campaign, including adding new leaders, surrogates, endorsers, modifying state data, and much more, is forthcoming, and will be included as a free update for all owners of Congress Infinity 2022.

And much more.


You can order and receive the latest release version immediately.

For Windows and Mac.

The game is available for $20.22 US. (There may be taxes applicable, depending on where you buy from.)

You can also get Congress Infinity 2022 and President Infinity 2024 together for just $29.95 US here.

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