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Q. I just purchased and didn’t receive a keycode or download link. Help!

A. If you received an e-mail after purchase, you should have received a keycode in that e-mail. For MyCommerce, it is called a “Regcode,” and is about half-way through the e-mail.

Q. I just purchased and didn’t receive an e-mail after purchase. Help!

A. There are several possibilities.

1) The e-mail is in your Junk-Mail Folder. Check your Junk-Mail folder to see if that is the case.

2) The e-mail address you purchased with was incorrect. Try an automatic product link request here. If your e-mail address is not found when you submit the request, it probably means that you entered it incorrectly during purchase. Send us an e-mail here describing your problem, and we will fix the situation.

3) If neither of these steps solve the problem, it probably means that the e-mail was blocked by your server or e-mail client. If that is the case, please send us an e-mail here saying that you have not received an e-mail after purchase, with either an alternate e-mail address that we can respond to or a phone number.

Q. The program won’t accept my keycode. Ugh!

A. Make sure you are entering the keycode correctly. A simple way to make sure you enter it correctly is to copy each section of the keycode (not including the ‘-‘s), and then paste it into the keycode window. If you are sure you are entering it correctly, make sure you are entering the e-mail associated with your license.

Q. How do I re-enter my keycode when I’m told I have entered an invalid keycode?

A. Your product will automatically ask you to re-enter your keycode the next time you run your product. To ensure that you enter the keycode correctly, it is recommended that you copy and paste the keycode into your product to avoid any mistakes. To do this, select the first six letters of your keycode and copy and paste them into the first box of the keycode screen. Then select the second six letters and copy them to the second box, and so forth.

Q. I need a new download link. Where can I get one?

A. Here.

Q. I requested a new link, but never received an email.

A. Please ensure that the email did not get moved to your Junk Mail. If you still cannot find the email, please email us here and provide us with an alternate email address to send this information to.

Q. When trying to run the game, I get the error message “Cannot create texture for ‘TCanvasD2D'”. How do I fix this error?

A. Right-click the shortcut icon you use to run the game (say, on your desktop), click ‘Properties’, then click ‘Compatibility’, then select ‘Disable visual themes’, ‘Disable desktop composition’, and ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’. If that does not fix the error, make sure you have the latest updates relevant to Direct X for your operating system.

Q. Why do I need to activate?

A. The purpose of the activation system implemented by 270soft is to validate the authenticity of your product.

Q. Do I always have to have an Internet connection when playing your products?

A. No. Once you have downloaded and activated your product, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use them.

Q. I’ve uninstalled my product and Vista won’t let me delete the folder.

A. What Windows Vista has done is separate the user from the administrator and thereby not allowing basic users to delete files from windows folder like Program Files. You will need to log into your computer with a user who has administrative rights to delete those files. Please see Microsoft’s article on the Vista security system here.

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  1. On older the version of President Infinity, the game shows you when you’ve carried a state before 100 percent of the vote is in. On the newer version, is there anyway to get this same function?

  2. Dear sir or Madam:
    I would like to down-load the Campain,
    for the U.S. 1812, Presidential election,
    For windows P.C. any other info I should know
    before I down-load it.
    Also how much, $ is it.
    Thanks for the letter, Dave-Fisherman.-N.Y.
    P.S. you should make a Russian Federation- 2018 President Election,
    Campian up-date. I’ve been, intreasted in the Russian-Federation, for
    a while. Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    Recently I bought a subscription for the 270soft games and I have downloaded several of the different versions (made sure to choose the Mac version) to my 2017 MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, when I play the game, it unexpectedly quits at random intervals throughout the duration of a campaign. After downloading, I also get a message that the game is not optimized for my Mac and that the developer needs to make updates in order for it to run effectively. Any input on troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.



  4. @Zach,

    “After downloading, I also get a message that the game is not optimized for my Mac and that the developer needs to make updates in order for it to run effectively.”

    Can you take a screenshot of this error message and send it to me ( https://270soft.com/contact ), including your operating system version?

  5. I bought a new subscription 2 days ago, but whenever I request an email to update the infinity games, it keeps referring me to the subscription page.

  6. @Lucas,

    Because subscriptions are processed manually, please give us up to 1 business day to process them. (Two days ago would have been a Saturday.) You will be e-mailed a confirmation when that happens.

  7. I purchased a new subscription yesterday, however when I request a re-download link it says “your subscription has expired”

  8. @Colin,

    If your subscription has expired (or it has been more than 1 year since you purchased), a subscription is required to redownload your products.

  9. Whenever i now try to run Prime Minister Infinity it was always stops me with a message stating it was ‘unable to create folder’ or ‘Cannot write quotation_number.txt file.’ This is really frustrating as I am paying for a subscription to this product.

  10. Will there ever be an IOS version? I don’t use my laptop as much as my phone and iPad. Was wondering if it’ll ever come out on IOS?

  11. @Tommy,

    There might be an iOS version at some point – no plans for one right now, but once the game is ported to the new tool-chain, it will be a lot closer.

  12. @Devin, this is just a reflection of national percentages, because there are no Vermont polls that have been done recently.

    You’re right that Sanders probably has an advantage there. It’s noted.

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