One subscription covers all the Infinity products you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased President Infinity and Congress Infinity, one subscription covers both those products’ updates + customer service for 1 year. New updates are released approximately once every 3 months.

For goals for the upcoming release cycle, and beyond, see here.

For more details about subscriptions, including an FAQ, see here.

A subscription is $5 US per year, and includes updates + customer service.

We will need the e-mail associated with your license, so if you are purchasing with a different e-mail than the one associated with your license, please notify us (here) with the name of the e-mail used to purchase and the name of the e-mail associated with your license.

You can confirm an e-mail associated with your license by going here and requesting a download e-mail.

You can tell exactly when your current subscription will need to be renewed by here (and requesting a download e-mail).

You can add 1 year to your subscription here:

If you prefer, you can add 1 year to your subscription and also set it to automatically renew (please allow 1 business day for automatic renewal orders to be processed) here:


Thank you for supporting the creation of these games!