Updates & Redownloads

For goals for the upcoming release cycle, and beyond, see here.

Congress Infinity now includes the Senate 2018 and House 2018 campaigns!

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada now includes the Quebec 2018 and  Ontario 2018 campaigns!

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Click a product link below to request an update or redownload, get your keycode, or view subscription info (for Infinity games). Click the ‘Info’ link to view the latest product details.

For all other products, if you don’t have the latest version, you can contact us through our contact page. All recent purchases of the below products include the most recent versions of these files – you do not need to update. The most recent versions are:

Prime Minister Forever – British v. 1.00.6
Prime Minister Forever – Australia v. 1.00.5 (includes 2007 scenario)
Chancellor Forever v. 1.02.6
Premier Forever – British Columbia v. 1.00.6
Premier Forever – Alberta v. 1.00.0