• President Infinity

  • Congress Infinity

President Infinity for the 2016 election is here!

Games in politics, culture, and learning. We’re creating some of the most detailed, fun, and realistic election games out there.  Welcome to 270soft, where gaming gets political!

Are you ready to become the most powerful political leader in the world? Prove it in President Infinity, the definitive 2016 political election game here.

Can Donald Trump win the election?

Can Hillary Clinton win the election?

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Cameron v. Miliband v. Clegg v. Farage v. Sturgeon v. Bennett. Who will take control of Parliament? Details here.

Prime Mininster Infinity - U.K. - Main Screen

Congress Infinity is the definitive Senate-House election sim for 2016 and beyond. Click here for more info.

Congress Infinity, Main Map and Projected Senate Seat Totals


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